2023 Lecture Series

Dr. Dire is an outstanding speaker and discussion leader. He has led groups in various venues throughout the US. This year he will present the topics that follow. However, he can most likely customize a presentation that deals with spirituality or psychology for your gathering. Presentations can be from 90 minutes to 5 separate sessions for 90 minutes. Dr. Dire is also featured at church retreats. This past year, this award winning therapist presented over 30 presentations. Please contact Jeffrey Dire’s office for his availability to present to your group.

 Available 2023 Presentations

Building Quality Relationships

New Strategies for Parenting Today's Adolescents and Children

Boundaries: A Key to Personal Well-Being

Theological Views of Mainline Protestant Churches, Roman Catholics, Evangelicals and Mormons 

Dealing With Anger in Self and Others

Parenting Issues for Single Parents, Blended Families or Traditional Families

Identifying and Keeping Healthy Romantic Relationships

Understanding and Living With Depression

Sexual Addiction: More Prevalent Than Ever

New Thoughts New Feelings: Change Your Mind for A Change!

Growing Spiritually and Emotionally In the Midst of Loss

Coming to Terms with Your Family of Origin Reading Other People Establishing Priorities